Mwave - 750 games under $50 sale - not worth it

11 March 2010

Fair few games in the list. The cheap ones are pretty much all for PC. There does look to be a couple of reasonable prices in there. The nintendo DS combat of giants - dragons is a good price at $15.

Will have a look through some of the others see what the price is like.


  • admin EDITOR
    It'll pay to have a check on price before you go buying anything. Toca Race Driver 2 for PC for example can be found for half the mwave price at games 101 and dstore. Hmmmm - check very closely. Fifa 2006 for PC is $11.50 at Mwave - $6.95 at gamehead, games 101, dstore ....
  • kazyazy
    The problem with mwave is the delivery prices. To get one DS game delivered, it will cost me an extra $16 :(
  • admin EDITOR
    Might expire this ... its getting crappier by the minute. $16 for a game is ridiculous.

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