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7 June 2007

Play4me have Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill and The O.C. boxed sets for $34.95 + 10% off/Free Insured Post using the coupon below + 4.5% cashback + free post if you buy 2 or more boxed sets. Phew.

Gamehead want $72.80 for the OC season 3.
Sanity are asking $89.99 plus post. :-O

This sale doesn't include the OC season 4 as it's not released until next month.


  • nod
    Excellent That makes the box sets about half the price!
  • Brad
    Yep, I haven't watched any of these though.
  • nod
    me neither - not a tv fan at all
  • Emma EDITOR
    I've just started watching the OC on my DVD rental list. I always do that for TV shows I'm unsure about ... It's ok, but very teenagerey (if that's a word!).
  • nod
    Teenagerey :eek: That is me out then... way past those teenage angst years :D

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