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1 April 2008

Miss Saigon is one of the most successful musicals in the world - seen by over 30 million people in 25 countries and played in 12 different languages.

Set in 1975 during the final days leading up to the American evacuation of Saigon, Miss Saigon is an epic love story about the relationship between an American GI and a young Vietnamese woman.

Miss Saigon features 34 talented Australian artists, plus two of the stars of the Miss Saigon international companies - Leo Valdez (The Engineer) and Laurie Cadevida (Kim).

Leo Valdez has played The Engineer in over 2000 performances in five countries. Laurie Cadevida is playing Kim, as she has done on the US Tour of Miss Saigon for the past three years.

David Harris, well known in Australian musical theatre, plays the role of Chris. Juan Jackson, who has joined the company following three years with the Australian Opera, performs the role of John.

Sarah Landy, has spent the last five years performing abroad and returns to the Australian stage to play Ellen, with RJ Rosales, also returning to Australia after performing in Manila and Singapore, playing Thuy.

Miss Saigon is a production you will never forget.


  • admin EDITOR
    This was the first big budget glam production I ever went to see (and the last for that matter). Its a pretty good spectacle. Huge glam not a lot of substance but well worth a look.
  • lisss
    We booked our tickets today at 75 a piece :) Still good seats left on the not so popular times ie weeknights, and that was for 4 of us in a row!
  • nod
    That is good for A reserve tickets Lisss :)
  • nod
    Last performance is at 5pm Sunday 13th April :)

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