Mini DVD/DivX Player, SD/USB Reader & Console from COTD

17 August 2007

Mini DVD/DivX player, SD/USB reader & GameConsole:

Brand NEW..... . 12 Months Warranty.... $39.95 - WoW

Awesome Innovative features built in to this compact unit!

Limit of 5 units per member!

Play DVDS, MP3 CD's, DIVX, JPEG, WMA, SVCD/VCD and KODAK Picture CD's.
Entertain your mates with built in support for .Nes games, CD with 300 games included, or download your own (see download link at "specs" section), read them from USB/SD as well as CD!
Reads SD/MMC via front loader slot, view your digital camera images on the TV!
Reads USB flash disk devices from rear slot, view your divx files and listen to mp3's on the TV!
Tiny compact form factor, very easy to fit in any small space, large feature set allows you to minimise your home theatre setup, take it away on holidays.
Console controller, and remote control included in package.
Just $39.95, a crazy price for an unbelievable feature set on a fantastic product!
There it is. It supports DVD's, CD's, SD's and USB Flash disks. In terms of file formats you can play your MP3's, DivX, JPG and amazingly, .NES game roms, play all the good old 80s classics. Imagine the uses, you can simply have this one device plugged into your TV/Hifi, and use it to view photos and movies from your computer or camera, play DVD's AND if you ever get bored of all that, PLAY GAMES! It comes with a console controller, these people were not messing around when they made this beauty, it's completely PACKED with features, and going for just $39.95.

It's also very important to remember the size, it's barely larger than a single CD, pretty hard to believe it does everything it does, you can pack it up with you and move it between rooms, take it to a friends house, on holiday no problem :)

Don't miss out!

SHIPPING IS $9.60 to all states


  • diider
    Good one there lisss. I just saw it on cotd today as well. There's a $35 dvd player at aldi( i just got one) and altho it doesnt take divx it has the usb connection thing which is good and good thing is, no shipping if u buy it from aldi. but i guess this is the better option for those who wants it to play divx :)
  • lisss
    I cant believe how cheap dvd players have gotten :D The one from aldi sounds good too This one also has 300 preloaded video games on it, which would be good for the kids:whistling:
  • sab988
    thats a gr8 find ... oh well they'll be sold out soon so u'd better hurry if u wanna one
  • nod
    you could get two and it would still be a good price. :) Thanks for the deal Lisss
  • Emma EDITOR
    Limit of 5 units per member!
    Did anyone buy 5 ? :w00t:

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