Mid-year sale @ EzyDVD - DVDs from only $1!!! (E.g. Buffy/Angel/Dark Angel/X-files)

29 June 2007

They are having a mid-year sale @ EzyDVD - with claims of DVDs priced at only $1!! Now, as usual in these kind of sales, the $1 DVDs are pretty cruddy, but I think the Buffy and Angel ones for a dollar are a very good price indeed!!

From the $2 range, again they have a few duds, but the X-files DVDs and the Dark Angel sets seem to be good value!!

Click the link to have a browse!!


  • nod
    Excellent find :w00t: Voted Hot
  • admin EDITOR
    How cheap is that..... X files season 1 $12 season 2 $8 Ally McBeal Season 1 Disk 1 ....... $1 ....... overpriced perhaps :D
  • Debz
    Admin Ally McBeal is funny. And that dancing baby has gone down in history. http://www.marchmom.com/DancingBaby/babycha.gif
  • wheadle
    gives me the creeps that thing :(
  • admin EDITOR
    I must admit I watched it ritually for a long time. Fishman would make me cry with laughter. It was a very smart show.

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