Massive Steam "Summer Sale"

25 June 2010

There's a huge summer sale on steam right now, hundreds of games, I got for myself 5 cheap games :P

Ends July 4th US Pacific Time


  • admin EDITOR
    What did you pick up gaxx?
  • gaxx
    Jericho for $1.29 Scaraboar for $2 Chrome + Exp for $1.29 Cryostasis for around $3 All USD. Will probably be getting more later on but its all going to hit my usage hard. According to steam calculator my account is "worth" $2345.27 USD - How much is your Steam Account worth? Although throughout the years and specials watching I've probably spent less than 1/3rd of that.
  • Victorious
    I just bought Serious Sam HD: Double Pack for $7.5 USD (save $22.49 USD). It seems as available today only. Save 75% on Serious Sam HD: Double Pack on Steam

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