Loads of cheap games in the BigW Boxing day sale - start at $2

23 December 2008

The catalogue only lists the games under $20 but Ecogamer has a much better list.
Stock up to keep the kiddies occupied during the summer


  • nod
    Here is the ]Ecogamer link
  • maeve558
    Went to Big W boxing day, but didn't see any $2 games..:(
  • GreatWhiteHunter
    There were none at my Big W either (Macquarie Centre, Sydney) Sale was BS...
  • maeve558
    I wonder why people would say this if it's not true..Went to Southland (Cheltenham) so early just to be dissapointed..tsk tsk..
  • MamaK
    I got bee movie for $30 on wii, couldn't see anything else reduced
  • trevorf
    Clearance stock, so you'll be lucky to find any of the heavily discounted titles at any store.
  • queenshrew
    Yeah I went in early at 8am and didn't see a thing either! :( The staff probably kept all for themselves :p

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