Living Social - 12 Month READERS DIGEST subscription for $24

20 September 2011

That's $2 per issue for 12 issues - a good price.

Unfortunately as per Readers Digest T&Cs: By purchasing from Reader's Digest, you allow us to send other promotional offers to you.

Thats the one annoying thing about this magazine, and it lowers their credibility IMO!

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  • Rebekah76
    I am going to buy 2 of these - our subscription is up in early 2012 - will cancel that and use this. (exp march 2012). and the other one is for my dad-in-law. Standard resubscription price is around $60 - BUT if you look online at say magshop - it is around $35 per year - so if you do get this deal, don't assume they will be offering you the best deal when renewal time comes.. check it all out, then call them up and they will match the price to keep you on as a subscriber. agree - their other advertising is just rubbish (but it must be working or they'd do something else)

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