Le Tour de France cycling game for PS3 $31.55 with Free Delivery

27 September 2011

Choose a team, embody your favourite rider and win Le Tour de France!

You are the rider: choose the best trajectoriesand make your own decisions
Use strategy: communicate with your teammates, director and form alliances withopponents!
Achieve many objectives: win jerseys, stagesand the competition!
Spectacular Graphics: The Graphics are some of the best and most detailed currently on the market.
Fresh Sport: Consumers are used to the sameold re hashes this is a fresh approach for asport related video game
Plunge into a hyper-realisticTour de France
21 official stages faithfully reproduced
There will be 2 Australians present in thegame Baden Cooke and Robbie Mc Ewen!
Le Tour de France 2011 is the ONLY Cycling game available on Next Gen Consoles XB360 and PS3!

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