Kmart - Wii Fit Plus Bundle - $98

4 May 2010

Kmart the wii fit plus bundle for $98 at the minute - probably the cheapest price I've seen yet.

Includes the games & the balance board.


  • ninkasi
    Great price, but can't see it in the catalogue.... perhaps it's state specific or as I'm getting old maybe it's my eyesight... ;-)
  • kickling
    Yup - can't see it either, and can't find it anywhere else. Closest price at the moment is at DickSmith for $108 which is still cheaper than any other sale on right now. Wii Fit Plus Bundle with Balance Board (YG0344) | Dick Smith Online Store Update : Taskel is correct, it's in the 'Last Minute' catalogue here:
  • ninkasi
    Gotcha. Went to Kmart Southland today and they had no stock, but probably could do rain check... But spotted a wii fit with no disc in remainder bin for $50.01. Bought that and then got a copy of the wii fit plus disc for $27 at JB (none at Kmart) so all up cost of $77... :-)

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