Kmart - Bioshock For The PC Only $5!

9 May 2009


I would highly recommend playing this game - if you havn't already!

Bioshock (PC version) is reduced by a huge amount $89.95 to only $5!!

I'm not sure if this is online aswell as in store...


  • taskel
    Hot Price! :)
  • Tran
    awesome! the stores around me generally dont have many pc titles on shelf. last time i went, i got them to price match crysis from dick smith (that was $20), they were selling for $80. so 10% of difference. came to about $15. =) the person serving me wasnt too happy about it and even gave me attitude with "why dont u just get it there?" for one thing i aint travelling 5hrs to buy a pc game where its available.
  • admin EDITOR
    stunning price blondieo
  • Keeys
    Was still $40 at our Kmart :(
  • craftykiwi
    Did you scan it Keeys? Sometimes they don't alter the price on the box but it scans at the discount price.
  • Keeys
    yeah was on a special display for $40 scanned it to be sure. Was going to get it for a gift to put away for teen. So no biggie. Great deal for those who got it for $5!!
  • lisss
    It was only at one target(this was posted on another deals site), and there it was priced at $79.95 but scanned at $5 at the register which was probably a mistake (it wasn't marked or advertised to be that price).

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