Just Jolly Good Pricing on CARCASSONNE @ Games Paradise - cash back, free post and maybe extra disco

22 November 2007

The best pricing I have seen on Carcassone - the big box, stand alone games, you name it... AND 9% cash back - whoopee!

* Big Box (has most of the expansions) $119.95 - RRP is about $150


* Carcassonne Discovery - the newest, and a BRILLIANT stand alone game! Fantastic gift (buy one for yourself at the same time!) $39.95 - RRP is $52.95

* Carcassonne The City (in gorgeous wooden box) $79.95 - RRP is $129.95, and other games shops are selling it for $99.95

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $85 (many other games stores don't start free shipping till $100)

Hellwolf has a voucher, just this month - CATAN - and Jayne has an old voucher lying around unexpired - ETERNITY - give them a shot for an EXTRA 5% off!!


  • ScarletRubies
    http://www.gamesparadise.com.au/content/products/1239_lg.jpg Carcassonne The Discovery - great stand alone game, and great pricing http://www.gamesparadise.com.au/content/products/530_lg.jpg Carcassonne The City - at $79.95, it's $20 cheaper than at other online stores. Don't know anything about Carcassonne? Check out ]the Wiki.
  • ScarletRubies
    Oh, Seropeco say they'll price match, and they're having a sale at the moment so The City is $75 (other ones mentioned are more), but they don't do free shipping or cash back - but feel free to call them and bargain! Seropeco, Best Games and Games Paradise tend to be best prices... but if you find others, let me know! Games Paradise is not best because of cash back. ;)
  • Emma EDITOR
    Don't know anything about Carcassonne? Check out ]the Wiki.
    Thanks, I'd never heard of it :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Very nice work up with the vouchers, shipping and cashback ruby. I'll give you a hot.
  • GamerDude08
    I've just bought Carcassonne & all expansions from Games Empire: [url]www.gamesempire.com.au[/url] - the package was cheapest in Aus at the time, they delivered really quickly, I was really impressed!!!
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks gamerdude and welcome to buckscoop.

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