JbHifi Online - Terminator 4 DVD + tshirt $12.98 + free postage also Saving Ryan Bluray $15.98

5 November 2010

T4 DVD + Tshirt $12.98....shame about the film though

also this a great deal and probably cheapest price anywhere even from overseas:

Saving Private Ryan bluray for $15

OTHER shirt dvd combo:


  • admin EDITOR
    Whats the film like? I've not seen it.
  • ninkasi
    I haven't seen it either, but ]reviews are mixed. 6.8 out of 10 from imdb means it's probably watchable, but if you're a terminator fan you might be disappointed. You will get a t-shirt though. ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    I was dissapointed in T3 so my expectations have been lowered in anticipation of T4.....
  • ninkasi
    For what it's worth, got a flyer from JB today - ]two for $30 blu-rays including T2, Harry Potters, Thrill Bills, Watchmen, Mamma Mia, Wickerman, Serenity....
  • ninkasi
    Oh, and ]two blu-rays for $20 like Shaun of the Dead, 2001, 12 Monkeys, Batmans, Supermen....

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