JbHifi online - Planet Earth (Hd Dvd Set) $17.98

7 March 2008

online very cehap at only $17.98


  • admin EDITOR
    Hot from me chrisg - planet earth is very very well done. I want to do that base jump the guy does into the cave....
  • nod
    Hot vote from me too. I love that series :)
  • Wally
    Thx for the tip - Glad I bought one of those cheap HD-DVD boxes now!! :prop:
  • enthusiast
    Looks like you can't order it online, though?
  • Wally
    Had to be quick at that price, apparently! Edit: Very quick it would seem even after getting confirmation and being billed they advised they had run out! Bluddy bait 'n switch tactic - still awaiting refund ... :rolleyes:
  • lilpretzel
    Sorry, this item is not available for purchase. ]Add to wish list

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