JB Hifi online Free shipping policy

3 November 2010

Looks like JB hifi online is giving free shipping from now on.

No need to fight the Xmas crowds in Dec ! :)

Please note, the following "Free Freight" conditions apply:

(1) "Free Freight" offer applies to standard shipping services only. Optional premium services will incur shipping fees.

(2) Free freight to Australian addresses excludes some locations that require access via light aircraft or boat. In these cases we will offer free shipping to the customers choice of freight/barge company. Transport from these locations will need to be arranged by the customer and will incur standard freight fees.

(3) Some deliveries to remote locations will not be door-to-door services. In these areas, customers may be required to collect their goods from a local depot.

(4) International deliveries will incur standard international freight charges.

(5) Orders placed at JB Hifi Online prior to 3rd November 2010 will not qualify for free freight.


  • admin EDITOR
    Nice - thanks Bargrin. Delivery charges often make the difference between a good buy and an average one.
  • Lilly
    Brilliant! thanks for sharing :)
  • golfwidow
    Thanks for sharing! Just bought myself Hamish & Andy for my Xmas present and JB were cheapest by far and free shipping made it even better!

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