Jb HiFi - Inception Combo Bluray + DVD + Digital Copy $20 between 6 - 9pm sale, normal $24.98

7 December 2010

No you are not dreamingor are you ??

Was in local Jb and they put out Inception bluray combo pack for $24.98 stickered.

Asked jb chic if same price tomorrow during 6 -9pm sale and she said for sure less the 20%.

They just got them today and store had HEAPS, in front entrance, on the bluray shelves and at the counter.

They also had specail edition with a free comic book for $34.98

No way they would re-sticker them at a higher price tomorrow just for a 3 hours sale..I know what I am getting for Christmas.

Also if anyone is after a totem:

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