JB Hi-Fi 20% Off All DVDS! Ends Sunday!

10 January 2008

20% Off All DVDs, 4 days only!

Offer valid in store only. Offer not valid online. Offer valid for Australia only.


  • Cropsy
    Thanks for the heads up. If they haven't increased their prices presale I'll probably end up with more DVDs I don't really need :)
  • nod
    Good point Cropsy and the presale prices. Lets hope not. But sadly some merchants have been known to do that Thanks Lisss :flowers:
  • kingyubbo
    I was looking for Scrubs and House. Couldn't find Season 2 or 3 of House but I did find Scrubs. Newest season is $50: $10 more than most other places. Might cash in by getting Prince of Bel-Air!
  • gstok
    Already reduced items have NOT had their yellow stickers removed, so 20% off everything. Some bargains of note spotted in Victoria (stock levels vary) BEFORE discount (prices from memory): Lost season 1. Around $22.50 Curb Your Enthusiasm (Seasons 1-5) $15.98 ea Stanley Kubrick Collection (10 DVD): $70 House (seasons 1-3): $99 Battlestar Gallactica (seasons 1-3): $99 Simpsons (Seasons 1-10): $29.98 ea
  • nod
    The Kubrick collection is about $72.50 delivered at Truegamer so picking it up for $56 is great! Thanks Gstok Did you buy anything?
  • gstok
    I bought too much!! lol. I got (before 20% discount applied): Stanley Kubrick collection for $65 Family Guy seasons 1 & 2 for $17.98 ea 28 Days Later (Ltd.) for $12.98 Curb Your Enthusiasm S5 for $15.98 Lost S1 for $22.98 Stock levels at JB Hi Fi Melbourne were really good - I was kinda surprised!
  • nod
    Hey thats Great Gstok..... especially if you then calculate the 20% off on top Well done!

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