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3 December 2007

HMV have started doing a deal of the day (from the UK). Got to add postage & exchange rate of course, but might be worth checking out the deals.
Today is Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round (great series!) for £4.99 + £4.20 postage (think that £4.20 may apply to all their offers), but that makes it ~$22 delivered. Can't find it that cheap in Oz?
Depending on what they to offer day to day, might save a few $$.


  • nod
    Hey thanks Robs. May very well be worth keeping our eyes out. So shall we call you the official HMV UK deal spotter for this sale ?? :D
  • elegantegotist
    Do they post to australia ? If so what are the postage costs ? Thanks.
  • Brad
    Nice one! Any idea around which hour in our time the deal changes Robs?
  • robs
    "Official HMV UK Deal Spotter"?? Hope not...much preferable if (& with any luck!) someone might start offering similar prices over here ;-) elegantegotist - read the original post! Yes & £4.20 (which I think will be the same for anything - good if it's a box set, less good for a single DVD..) Exchange rate is ~$2.3/£1, but better check if there's any extras charged by your credit card? Not sure what time they change, but assuming midnight, then UK Midnight is 9am Perth time, 11am Sydney time. Or thereabouts ;-)
  • nod
    "Official HMV UK Deal Spotter"?? Hope not...much preferable if (& with any luck!) someone might start offering similar prices over here ;-)
    Until we can somehow manae to one shrink our country and two, triple the population. I think not I am afraid :D But I do think that we can look more and more to overseas merchants, such as HMV, as they can offer good prices and reasonable shipping fees
  • Emma EDITOR
    I took the exspiry date out of the OP, hope that's ok rob, as this is kind of an ongoing offer? Today, they have the 300 DVD for £4.99. That comes to £9.19, which according to, that makes it about $21.70. I don't think that's a good buy today though, as this is $12.92 @ EzyDVD - assuming I'm looking at the same edition :)
  • gstok
    I've bought from HMV UK before. I found the postage expensive and the delivery slow. So if buying for Christmas be warned - it might already be too late.
  • robs
    OK, another spot for Laurel & Hardy fans - 21 disc box set for £49 (& postage still only £4.20 - not expensive!) Works out around $130 delivered.;-1;-1;-1&sku=170410
  • robs
    Coming up....probably not too much of a saving for most of them.. 6th December: Hitchcock:Master Of Suspense was £59.99 today only £8.99 7th December: Chevy Chase Vacation Collection was £29.99 only £9.99 8th December: By The Dozen 1 & 2 was £16.99 now£3.99 9th December: Royle Family was £49.99 now only £9.99 10th December: Gremlins 1 & 2 was £8.99 now £3.99 11th December: Harry Potter Years 1-5 was £39.99 now £24.99 12th December: Devil Wears Prada was £19.99 now £4.49 13th December: Garfield 1& 2 was £16.99 now £3.99 14th December: Willy Wonka/Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was £8.99 now £4.99

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