Have a picture with Santa & receive a environmentally gift bag filled with freebies @David Jones

15 November 2007

Have a picture with Santa and receive a special environmentally friendly gift bag filled with fun activities, games and stickers.


Elizabeth Street from Saturday 10 November
All other NSW and ACT stores from Saturday 24 November until Christmas Eve
TIMES: Click here to view Santa photo hours
LOCATION: All New South Wales stores

Also available in WA (http://www.davidjones.com.au/christmas/wa.jsp), SA (http://www.davidjones.com.au/christmas/sa.jsp), VIC (http://www.davidjones.com.au/christmas/vic.jsp)


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I'll give you a hot for that geo
  • Emma EDITOR
    Added an image :) Is it really $22.95 to visit santa?
  • nod
    $22.95? Really!!!??? Hope that includes a picture :D Hot over here too :) A bit of education about the environment whilst encouraging young kiddies to be voracious consumers... :D At least it is a step in the right direction
  • schlemster
    voracious consumers
    Buckscoop? :whistling:
  • nod
    :D For me Buckscoop is about finding people a good bargain, not indiscriminate purchases
  • Smarmie
    The earlier you introduce littlies to the wonder that is David Jones the better!!!!! :rolleyes:
  • geo78
    22.95 is for 2 photos with santa...
    Added an image :) Is it really $22.95 to visit santa?

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