Harry Potters movies $16.83 each at dStore PLUS 5.6% cashback

4 July 2007

This is a pretty good price for the Harry Potter dvds. A nice surprise from dStore. They really do seem to be trying hard with their new Entertainment newsletters.
They are selling for about $18 elsewhere, not inc delivery. The delivery charges for dStore are $5.95 but I have been able to put 10 dvds in my basket and have them sent to Perth for $5.95

The big questions is has anyone seen them cheaper in one of the Big sales... Kmart etc...


  • admin EDITOR
    I just had a search around to see whether they were out cheaper elsewhere, dstore being dstore and the new movie having been released in the UK, but they are actually still a good price....!
  • Emma EDITOR
    I'm quite loooking forward to the new movie. As the timeline progresses, the movies are getting more mature and darker (the way I like it). Shame about the annoying actors though!!
  • nod
    What I like best about the Harry Potter saga is the rags to riches story of the author... she is one very wealthy lady these days... who would have thought a book abotu a nerdy witch boy would be so popular

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