Guiness Book of records - 2011. $5 with free shipping! One day only sale

8 August 2011

" A new unique design - new decade, new look

" A fun, poster-style look reminiscent of the circus, the old Wild West and letter-pressed WANTED ads!

" Fully updated records and 100% new photos

" Quiz of the year - record-breaking questions are peppered throughout the book. Readers can log their answers online and see how they rate against other readers around the world

" Instant expert - fascinating record-related snippets scattered across the book, allowing readers to become instant records experts

" Records GPS - we go around the world, city by city, revealing fascinating records set along the way

" Glossary - improve your vocabulary by learning the meaning of new and unusual words

" Tables/charts - top ten charts throughout the book that put record achievements into perspective and offer facts fast!


    Sorry QK, already out of stock....
  • Mum2Boys
    Ah damn - was looking forward to that for Fathers Day
  • QuirkyKiwi
    Maybe they were trying to set a record for how fast something could sell out...that was mighty quick!
    By all reports they were all gone by 8:28am!!
  • vipulrm
    Sold out :(

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