Get $100 DAVID JONES Giftcard FREE When subscribe for 52 weeks @ The Age VIC only

31 August 2008

$7 per week for 7 days of The Age Newspapers.

Pay $28 per 4 weeks

*$364 per year*

SAVE 40% PLUS Free $100 David Jones Gift Card!

I thought it's a great deal if you are planning to subscribe to the Age.
It means $1 per day for your daily papers. Not bad if you love reading the papers.

I'm already subscribed to the previous deal (20 weekends) Otherwise I might be tempted to subscribe too!

Offer ends: 11 Sep 2008



  • ScarletRubies
    I reckon that's a terrific deal, but I think the death of newspapers is imminent (the death of journalism too, sadly). Most people online aren't reading paper papers. Not to mention the lack of editorial diversity. And investigative journalism. And... oh, I can't think of anything else. I'm all cranky now. Still, it's a good buy if you like that kind of thing! ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    Ahh but the 'death of newspapers' is but a construct of journalism, designed to get you to read the content that contains the claim. Its an oxymoron of sorts. Good deal queenshrew, $1 for delivered to your doorstep is good.
  • Auna
    "Offer valid only in Victoria where normal home delivery exists, some areas excluded." Looks like it's only for Victoria.
  • queenshrew
    oh that's a pity! Ah well.. I'm in Victoria... :p
  • luskan
    Thanks - worked for my sister.
  • bt34
    I became a Saints member ($55) to get the Age offer which was $25 for a years delivery of Fri-to-Mon paper. Won't be signing up again next year. Usually the paper goes straight from the ground into the recycle bin.

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