Gameloft - advent calendar specials until 24th Dec eg Rayman 2 for free.....

9 December 2010

From December 1 to 24, Gameloft will be offering a special gift every day. Follow them on Twitter at to discover all the surprise presents.

The other day Uno was reduced from $5 to $1 (or so), and today it's Rayman 2 for free!


  • ninkasi
    You can check their twitter feed ]here. Oh, and they make more than just iPhone games so who knows what they might do over the next week or two....
  • vipulrm
    Cool! Thanks, ninkasi.
  • ninkasi
    No problem. For what it's worth, "]fun with death" is also currently free - it's sort of an angry birds clone, only with more death. ;)

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