Gamelane clearance sale - 10 games, PS3, PSP, Xbox360, Wii - couple of good bargains

9 March 2010

Dark Void - $24.99 - reviewed as a game that you might buy out of the bargain basement bin but not at full price.

Mirrors edge XBox 360 - was a good buy at $9.99 but now out of stock.

Red Faction : Guerrilla $19.50 - is cheap....

I'll post this and cover off more of the offers below.


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    Ratchet and clank - Size matters for psp - $9.99 is about half what you'd pay elsewhere. Ashes cricket 2009 - PS3 ($24.99) and Wii ($19.99) good price. The Wii Nunchuck at $12.49 is a very good price. Cheaper than buying it off
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    NHL 2K9 for xbox 360 at $9.95 is good. Probably a crap game though :) Only thing to check - a lot of these games are NTSC Asia, PAL (EU) or region free.

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