Game Pod 150 Watt Chair - $187 @ Sydney's Furniture and Bedding

5 March 2010

Was at Sydneys Furniture and Bedding Clayton (VIC) looking at beds yesterday and saw this.
Apparently was priced at $499, reduced to clear their stock $187 (Didnt find out if you could haggle any more).
Had a sit on it, feels comfy enough. Had a closer look at the connections, looks like you just pass through your audio connection and it should rumble. There was a headphone jack and controls at the side of the chair.
I thought it would be a great chair for console gamers or those who just wanna watch movies with rumble. Too bad Im a PC gamer.
Dont know how you can test the unit first, as they didnt have it set up, and the sales guy said they havent even tried plugging it in yet, so perhaps bring your portable DVD player to try ?
If anyone gets one please post below and let us know what its like.

I think this was the exact chair I saw:



  • taskel
    WOW looks comphy! :w00t: I got my bro a gamer chair for Xmas but it was nothing like this! :w00t:
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats huge...

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