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4 August 2007

Subscribe now to G@mer magazine and for a limited time, pay just $16.00 for 12 issues! That's just $1.33 per copy including postage!


G@MER MAGAZINE : Welcome to G@mer, the first mass market gaming magazine targeting casual gamers of all ages.

G@mers aim is to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing video and computer game hardware and software.

In addition to the latest software and hardware reviews, well also show consumers how to get more out of their gaming devices. With articles covering home entertainment (HD DVD / Blu-Ray / DVD), parental features, console online capabilities and the best online downloads available each month.

Whether you are male or female, teen or adult, G@mer is the ultimate guide to everything interactive.


  • nod
    Great find Lisss Thanks for the deal. What is the magazine like? I have no idea :o being a non gamer myself
  • lisss
    I'm not sure, it seems to me that it's brand new and that's why they're promoting it. I'm not a gamer either but I thought that for gamers, at that price you can't go wrong!
  • nod
    Ah cool. Anyone have any insider info on the mag? Not a lot of info around when you google.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Great find lisss, voted hottie. Even if it is a brand new mag without any reviews etc, $16 for a year's sub is excellent!

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