Free Hoyts movie pass @ Brandleaders

20 November 2007

1. open an account with Brandleaders @
2. start every survey they have and you can it submit after you answer just the 1st question
3. at the end of all 10 surveys (they shouldn't take more than 5 mins in total to "complete"), you will get 27000 points
4. go to Redeem points and choose Hoyts movie pass for 25000 points
5. enter your address and in 2 weeks an envelope with your movie pass will arrive in the mail if you are one of the first 100 or more persons per month (see below) taking the offer.

Every month they give away a minimum of 100 movie passes. They started this program in May 2007 and will finish in Feb 2008. They have 1300 movie passes in total to give away (they released 400 in June). Any remaining passes at the end of a month will be added to the quantity of passes available for the following month.

for all T7Cs please check


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I'll give you a hot geo - not necessarily in the spirit of the site but smart use of a loophole that they must be aware of.
  • nod
    I have to agree with Admin :)
  • Letti
    I pretty well answered all the questions anyhow since they were so easy to do- just ticking a few boxes- however, when i completed all the surveys and went to redeem my points, I was taken straight to the 'page cannot be displayed- cannot find server'. It had no worries taking my answers but doesn't want me to get my 'reward'... Will try again later- maybe it's only a tempy prob.. :p ________ ]IPAD ACCESSORIES
  • admin EDITOR
    :) try answering only one and submitting - maybe it like it that way. Welcome to buckscoop in any case.
  • sab988
    is it a double pass on single pass
  • nod to Buckscoop Letti
  • nod
    And sorry Sab988 but I am not sure :)

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