Free Classic Christmas DVD with purchase of The Sun Herald (SUNDAY 2nd)

30 November 2007

As the title says.

I'll be getting this one the HI-5 one a few weeks back was great went for well over an hour so for $1.80 for the paper was great value!!

Don't forget to ask for the dvd they often don't just give them out.


  • Keeys
  • nod
    Is there a selection of movies Keeys?
  • Keeys
    I'm not sure I'll let you know when I pick it up tomorrow ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    went for well over an hour
    does that mean it went for well over an hour or it died after an hour :) ?
  • Keeys
    ok just picked up my copy. The dvd is a movie, animated "The Year Without Santa Claus" The kids are off to watch it now ;)
  • Keeys
    does that mean it went for well over an hour or it died after an hour :) ?
    LOL :p The length of the dvd was over an hour closer to 1 1/2 hrs from memory. Our little man is still a bit little he's almost 1 but I'm sure he'll watch it when hes a little older. For $1.80 it was great value compared to $15.00 odd $$ Hi-5 dvd's usually are.
  • nod
    Thanks for follow up Keeys :) 1 1/2 hours of entertainment is pretty darn good for $1.80
  • MamaK
    Thanks I picked one of these up- first time I've read a sunday paper in years LOL
  • Michelle2154
    I forgot yesterday, even though i left bright pink postit notes around to remind me. Anyway went to the newsagent today and asked if the had any left, she just gave me one. I was going to buy the paper to get it but didnt even have to do that so mine was free, even better than $1.80, so if your still after one just ask your newsagents they may still have some left, and if your lucky you may get a freeby like me. michelle2154
  • Brad
    This one has now expired.

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