Free 2 week trial at Webflicks.

19 May 2007

Webflicks is a mail-in DVD rental company similar to Quickflix and Bigpond movies. They're currently offering a 2 week free trial.

The T's & C's are on the link above, (make sure you read them) they include:

You must return, and cancel your membership to avoid being charged regular fees.
Must be over 18.
Must have a credit card.


  • nod
    Thanks Brad. It is now possible to rack up about 8 weeks free dvd rental - if you are new customers to Quickflix,Bigpond and now Webflicks :D What are the monthly fees like for these guys?
  • admin EDITOR
    Brad - have just edited the link in your posting. Webflix have recently come online with a cashback offer of $3.50. Not much when stacked up against Quickflix but still something.
  • Emma EDITOR
    I love free DVD trials!! And free cashback!!
  • nicbap
    Hey Guys I am new to Buckscoop. Does anyone of you know how I get the cashback from Buckscoop? Thx.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Hey Guys I am new to Buckscoop. Does anyone of you know how I get the cashback from Buckscoop? Thx.
    Hello nicbap :) Not sure how much or how little you know, so I'll tell you what i can. When you are logged in to BuckScoop, click through to the retailer using the "go to deal" button on the post above, and then register for the deal at Webflicks. This process will have set a cookie on your machine, which tracks and tells all the people involved that you registered. It might take a few days to show the transaction up as "tracked" in your earnings section at the top. It then takes a bit longer for the merchant to pay the money to BuckScoop, and then it is received into your BuckScoop account. You can then withdraw this money into your paypal account (from the settings link at the top of the page) :) Hope that makes sense!
  • jumpingjack
    Welcome nicbap :) I recommend clearing the cookies in your browser first just in case you picked up some on another website. Maybe I'm paranoid but I find it helps! If you need help just post and I'm sure someone here will help you out - they're a friendly lot :)
  • admin EDITOR
    welcome nicbap - good to have you around. Jayne's pretty much described the process in simple terms. The basics of how this place works is that when you make a transaction with a merchant we have listed on here, a tracking tag is used to allow your member ID to be associated with a cashback amount on a purchase. You just need to remember that you have to be logged into here before you click off to make the purchase - otherwise there's the possibility that the merchant wont associate your transaction with cashback. When the merchant registers that your transaction is eligible for cashback you'll see the amount your due pop up under 'My Earnings'. As Jayne says - this takes a variable amount of time and the earnings you see can have different status's (pending, validated, cancelled). Once we receive the commission from the merchant we can pay it back out to you via paypal. You'll see under the 'My Settings' section of you account that you can specify a paypal account and a minimum payout amount. We make payments once a month and we payout to anyone who's earnings are greater than the min payout amount set under their account. Anyway - feel free to ask any more questions and hope this helps.
  • admin EDITOR
    have any of you lot got feedback on what webflix are like? We know theres quite a few of you appear to have signed up for the freebie trial. Cmon ... 'forever hold your peace' isnt an option around here. :)
  • twingurl88
    i got the trial with webflicks. returned all dvds to finish off with the trial. so this is wat happened: returned all 3 dvds at once at same post box. i thought everything was done. 3 wks or so later i saw that my credit card got charged $19. contacted webflicks and they said they got back from me 2 dvds only! now i wouldn't know whether it's webflicks' or aust post's fault but still waiting to get my $19 back. had to go through the whole statuary declaration thing which costed me another 2 bucks at the post office.
  • admin EDITOR
    I guess they would all have been in seperate envelopes as well. Thats no good twingurl. Keep us posted as to how it pans out.

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