Fishpond Online Book Store - * HOT * Pre Order Twilight Saga Set (4 x Hardcover) $66.71 Shipped

30 September 2008

This is just a fantastic price for 4 hardcover books, my girls can't wait for the movie.

This stunning boxed set contains all four of Meyer's "New York Times"-bestselling novels in the Twilight saga: "Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse," and "Breaking Dawn," along with a limited edition full-color poster.


  • lilpretzel
    To buy at this price use the $10.00 Discount Voucher :) I paid around $20 each for the paperbacks, this offer works out to be around $16.50 each and hardcovers :w00t:
  • wombatblue
    :) I absolutely adore these books, I could read them over and over again
  • lilpretzel
    WoW!! OUT OF STOCK!! I can't believe this, they have now put these books up by $22.75 - NOW $99.46 :mad: :confused: Yesterday they were listed for $76.71, I guess too much of a bargain.

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