Fishpond - Free Australian shipping on All orders this week

16 February 2011

Free shipping on ALL orders all week.

- excludes Sell yours items


  • kirsty
    When did fishpond leave buckscoop? I ordered from there only a couple of weeks ago and they were still registered...
  • Wally
    When did fishpond leave buckscoop?
    Good question! My tracked purchases shows I got ~5.6% on the 15/2/11
  • readt
    Oh good, its not just me then. I have noticed 2 of my fave buckscoop sites have disappeared just in the last week - Fishpond and CD Wow...whats going on??
  • admin EDITOR
    Fishpond I'm not sure why they've pulled the programme but I suspect CD WOW have done it because of the adminstration / buyout / financial pressure on them at the moment.
  • Wally
    Still offering Austwide FREE Shipping! Apparently no cash back though!

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