2 February 2009

In Style Subscription

Only $6 for 3 issues!

Subscribe now and receive 3 issues for only $6 thats a saving of over 74%. After your first 3 issues, youll pay just $18.50 per quarter thats still more than 22% off the cover price!

JUST $6 for 3 issues of In Style
SAVE 74% on your first 3 issues
ONLY $18.50 per quarter thereafter
SAVE OVER 22% on the rest of your subscription
RISK FREE cancel anytime
FREE delivery direct to your door

Celebrities have stylists, readers have In Style. We distil the expert advice enjoyed by celebrities into fashion, lifestyle and beauty know-how, giving you the confidence to buy straight off the page. Lush celebrity photographs and lively reporting, coupled with our comprehensive service element, make In Style a trusted one-stop source of inspiration and ideas.


  • nod
    I like these offers as you can try to mags out before you really commit to a 12 month sub. Smart idea too - I would love to know how many people 'forget' to cancel the sub after they have received the 1st 3 mags
  • fairybelle
    Yeah im also a huge fan of this too... i will see if they have any other mags with this offer too
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - not a fan of In Style but its a good find fairybelle.
  • labgirl
    I did the similar deal before Xmas, so I will go again for this. One useful thing to know if you are forgetful is that you can cancel the rest of the automatic subscription immediately and still receive the 3 issues for $6. :D
  • fairybelle
    Could you keep cancelling and re-signing to always get the issues for $2 each?
  • labgirl
    Could you keep cancelling and re-signing to always get the issues for $2 each?
    I am going to give it a try!!:D

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