FHM - 12 month subscription for $59 - April Only (~$4.92 per issue)

11 April 2008

This seems like a great deal to me

12 month subscription of FHM to your door for only $59 this month only at magshop. Either Subscribe or renew this month.

Works out to be $4.92 per issue down from the regular $8.25 cover price. Save over 40%

Deal at http://www.magshop.com.au/?id=4812&AID=12586

Also if you want a free sample check out this offer http://www.buckscoop.com.au/deals/12120/free-28-page-sampler-issue-of-fhm-m


  • nod
    Not that I am a FHM fan :D But nice deal :) Thanks Mikespencer And here is your freebie link ]free sample
  • nelly
    DH will be happy I checked in on Buckscoop :D
  • leny
    Shame we don't have cashback for Magshop. :( There are other means of getting something back through other sites though, at least you're getting 'something' more. :D
  • leny
    I just checked and can only see EmailCash offering the following: 'Earn 2 points for every $1 spent' PLUS double points for mother's day offer.
  • admin EDITOR
    so did you end up with the loyalty gift you refer to in this thread leny? http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=6288 - would hate the think what the ratio of money received by them to money given back to you is on those 500 purchases.
  • leny
    Still not up to that point, but I will be soon. I have made several purchases through my account, and so through family members' so my count is only on 426 purchases. I got around $500 back, and that is considering some were very small purchases. They would have gotten a fair bit from that... On-going (every time) Exp Count Sign in (maximum 1 per week awarded) 1 x 172 Receive points from an Online Shopping Reward Partner (first time only for each Reward Partner) 5 x 26 Reward Partner Exp earned from old system 2 x 400
  • leny
    I would have gotten maybe quadruple-quintuple that on here, as an estimate. EmailCash gives on average just over 1% of the purchase as 'cashback'/'points'.

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