Fathers Day 20% OFF sale over the weekend @ Boomerang Books

4 September 2008

Too late if you wanted to give a book as a Fathers Day present .. unless you wanted it o be a belated one but late is better than never

Sale on until Sunday and as the email says "20% off the vast majority of books listed on our website"

No idea on the ones that fall out of the 'vast majority' ;-)

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  • nod
    This week we've had Indigenous Literacy Day, which is proudly supported by Boomerang Books (it's certainly a cause which aligns well with our brand). We're going to donate 5% of our sales from Wednesday 3 September through to midnight Sunday. This is another reason why you should buy from us over the weekend - you'll be supporting indigenous literacy!
    A good reason to buy from Boomerang books this weekend :) Borders did the same thing but for one day only - yesterday Wednesday 3rd

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