EzyDVD: TV Show Boxed Set, Sale - Boxed Sets from $9.92!

21 February 2008

EzyDVD currently have their boxed sets on sale with prices starting from just $9.92.

EzyDVD's biggest ever TV show sale just got bigger with over 500 titles up
to a mammoth $300 off!!
Catch up with shows including Frasier & Taggart from $19.83 each,
Sex And The City & Scrubs from $24.83 each,
Supernatural from $29.83 each, Baywatch & more from ONLY $9.92!


  • ScarletRubies
    WooHoo! Thanks for the heads up, Brad. I'm getting Press Gang (old guilty pleasure!), but ]Black Books is seriously cheap if there's anyone who hasn't bought it yet. And I got Doc Martin and completed my House MD collection. My husband may kill me. Still, he won't know for a couple of weeks - they're all pre-orders!
  • nod
    They usually have some really good prices so I think I will have a look too :D Thanks Brad
  • mikepspencer
    I ordered The Lone Gunmen and I'm tempted to order Press gang to relive my youth. Who can forget Spike and the gang.
  • nod
    LOL https://www.ezydvd.com.au/g/i/s/spacer.gif scarey childhood memories :eek:
  • nod
    my picture of ' Little House on the Prairie' just does not want to work :D
  • mikepspencer
    They added more titles yesterday so may be worth checking out again. I order Seinfeld season 5 & 6 limited edition pack for $35 which I think is a bargain for 2 seasons as they are also selling them separately for $35 each.
  • nod
    excellent news. Thanks Mikepspencer

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