EzyDVD Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix HD DVD $4.92

15 May 2008

Doesn't play in a normal DVD player. Must be HD.

My apologies if this is not a good price. I thought it was......


  • admin EDITOR
    its pretty cheap - for those with a HD DVD player. Trying to clear the stock out I'd suspect.
  • voteoften
    Oh, is HD on the way out? Is BluRay and HD like beta and vhs?
  • admin EDITOR
    HD DVD format is out there trying to find the last living Dodo to keep it company.
  • leny
    I'd say that HD has pretty much left the building. :D Good if you have a HD DVD player and like to movie and plan on keeping it (AND the player btw - they may not be as widely available in the future.) Good deal though. :thumbsup:

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