EzyDvD - $9.92 Bargain Basement! - Pre Order - Free Shipping + DvD Player Offer $39.83

26 October 2007


We've loaded up our basement with a bevy of blockbuster bargains!

Grab titles like The Family Stone, Meet Joe Black, Cheaper By The Dozen, Fast And The Furious, E.T., Centre Stage, My Best Friend's Wedding, Thunderbirds, Aeon Flux, Stealth, Mr Deeds, Hostage, Welcome To The Jungle and more from only $9.92!

Pre-order now and get FREE delivery anywhere in Australia!


Want a black slimline 5.1 DVD Player for $39.83?

Simply order ANY title from our website and you qualify for the special price of $39.83 (includes courier delivery)
This black, slimline, DivX compatible 5.1 Surround Sound DVD Player!

Preorder NOW - Ships from Thursday, November 1
Total price, including shipping, is only $39.83!
( Can be found in Coming Soon Section )


  • lilpretzel
    Clueless ( Whatever Edition ) I found this at dvdownunder for [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3] $11.55[/SIZE][/FONT] including shipping, so a bargain at EzyDvD The free shipping is whats make this a great bargain :)
  • nod
    EzyDVD do have some rather impressive bargain bins. They always seem to have a load of things in them :)
  • nod
    Here is the link for the dvds under $5 A lot are out of stock but you can still order them. Worth a look if you want DVD stocking filler :) ]Ezydvd under $5 There are 360 on the list

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