Event Cinemas easter weekend movie marathon tickets for $20

5 March 2013

Event are running a triple screening marathon starting 11pm Sun 31st of March. You'll have square eyes and a sore bum by the end of the session. Tickets for each three movie session are $20 each.

Marathons are as follows

Marathon 1 (MA15+) is being played for laughs, and features Mark Wahlberg and his crude teddy bear flatmate (Seth MacFarlane) in Ted, a pitch slapping musical comedy with Pitch Perfect and the preview of latest hilarious movie from Jason Bateman – Identity Thief.

Marathon 2 (MA15+) is a gun-toting, all-action trio. We’ve a witch-blasting bounty hunter brother and sister in Hansel and Gretel. Next, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is back and looking for trouble, along with Channing Tatum in GI Joe 2 and Tom Cruise is painting the town red with someone else’s blood in Jack Reacher.

With Marathon 3 (M) we’re having a ‘Bruceathon’ as the Die Hard megastar yippee– ki–yay’s through baddies galore in Die Hard 1, Die Hard 2 (Die Harder) and then goes on holiday to find interesting new people to kill in his latest outing A Good day To Die Hard.

There seems to be plenty of locations in each state available.

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