Event Cinemas - Avatar 3D - $12 (+ $1 If 3D Glasses Needed)

9 May 2010

For anybody who missed Avatar on the big screen, or just wants to watch it again in 3D, event cinemas are showing it for $12, plus an extra $1 if you need glasses, and $1 if you book online.

Ends 12th

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  • Rebekah76
    my advice is to check your glasses before going into the cinema. We went a few weeks ago and both our pairs were smudged and mine were scratched. Also - despite their advertising encouraging you to recycle the glasses by throwing them in their recycling bin when you leave the cinema - you are able to take them home and use them the next time you go to a 3d movie.... (and then it will save you another $1 each time you go) what a great movie though!

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