EBGames - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for playstation PS3 or Xbox 360 for $78

9 June 2010

Its not the cheapest this game has been sold at but its a good price for the PAL version. There is two places where you can currently get it at about the same price. This one from EBGames and one I'll post below from playdisk. Given that you can probably wander down and get this instore you'll save shipping but if you cant be bothered or want to buy it online then use the deal below.

You can get the US version for approx half the price btw.


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    The other place you can ]get it for about the same price is playdisk. They have the game listed for $74.51 with delivery at $3 so it works out slightly cheaper than a pick up from EBGames.
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    You can also get the "aussie compatible English Language Version" of this ]from Aussie Gamer for $69. I originally thought this might be a PAL version but they dont make it clear whether it is or not. If it is then this this the cheapest price as they have free delivery but if its the US one dont bother.

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