EB Games Sale - Starts This Thursday - $20 / $30 / Half Price Off

25 May 2009

The annual EB Games sale starts this thursday 28th May, with the following reductions:

$20 off PS3 Games
$30 Off Wii Games

And some Xbox 360, DS, PS2 and PS3 Games reduced by 1/2 the marked price.

Some very good deals.


  • golfwidow
    If you sign up to their Webmail you also get a 15% voucher off next purchase: ]15% Webmail Thread
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - smart golfie. I'm wondering whether they're going to let their trade programme work on sale items. There's probably some good stacks to get you a good buy.
  • admin EDITOR
    Am trying to figure out what they mean on the flyer for this sale where they state "Get half your money back. Simply keep your receipt then trade any sale games back - paid in store credit." Just price checked Star Wars The Complete Saga for Wii and the price of $24.95 looks very good. If the credit they're referring to works out then it'd probably be smart to buy a bunch of the sale games, play them, then trade them back in for store credit once you know which ones you want and which you dont. Only issue would be time limitation - which I cant seem to find any information on.
  • nod
    I think that is what they mean ie you buy them off EB at sale prices, play them then return the ones you dont want and they will give you store credit to the value of half of what you paid for the game. Or that is my understanding A very smart way to keep your income up and get returning customers
  • joelwilliam
    30 day time frame admin
  • spodosaurus
    For anyone wanting to get a copy of the original starcraft and its expansion, they're selling these during this sale for only $14.90! Half the locations in Perth had already sold out during the week last week. Good for both nostalgia and a nice game that'll play on older hardware.
  • admin EDITOR
    30 day time frame admin
    Thanks Joel

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