Eb Games - Sale On All Game Platforms

4 February 2010

EB has a sale on right now, and strangely the prices of new games are better than pre-owned!

Some of my choices:

Battlefield Bad Company - $20
Need For Speed Undercover - $20
The Darkness (xbox/ps3) - $13
Prince Of Persia - $31

Bioshock - $20
Mass Effect - $20
COD4 Modern Warfare - $49.97

Carnival Games Wii - $20
9 in 1 pack - $31

There's heaps more, that's just the first few pages.

There's some $8 DS games (Nacho Libre, Polarium) which can be used for trade in deals at JB Hi Fi.


  • kazyazy
    Awesome sale ..I went there today and got 3 preowned PS2 games for $4 each and a new DS game for $8
  • admin EDITOR
    The sale is still going on - runs till end of feb. This is the ]list of games still there sorted on price. Quite a few still at $4 although a lot of them are PC.

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