EB Games Sale - Loads Of Titles On All Platforms - Under $46

24 September 2009

EB are having a really great sale on games at the minute, with a section dedicated to "under $46" with loads of games on different platforms reduced, from retro San Adreas & Liberty City for the PS2 for $23 to F.E.A.R for the PS3 & Xbox for $23. Or preowned for $20 (but you may as well pay the $3 extra for new.)

There's quite a lot of wii games for the family for around the $20 mark, Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix is $9 on PC, SEGA Superstars Tennis is $9 for Xbox 360...all good stocking fillers. Quite a lot of the Guitar Hero titles are thrown in there too for about $46ish.

There's a few good DS games reduced too, and the 6 piece DS Lite Ultimate Pack in various colours is $9.

I got to about page 19 and gave up, or else I would've spent a fortune!


  • aussiebuddha
    mate, where do you find the items on sale? Thanks.
  • admin EDITOR
    I've edited the deal link to take you to the promo page aussiebuddah - for some reason they dont have it showing off the main home page.

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