Each Seinfeld season is only $49.95 (or less) from dStore & 5.6% cashback!

8 June 2007

Here's a DVD bargain from DStore. All the Seinfeld seasons are only $49.95 each. I think that's the cheapest I can see them for online, quite a good price.

It's a series I have never watched, as some American humour gets on my nerves, but i know there are a lot of worldwide fans of this show in particular.

EDIT - see the link to get $15 off $60, or read the comments below
- Jayne


  • admin EDITOR
    yea sienfeld the show bugs me senseless ... but he's very funny as a stand up. Thanks Jayne
  • nod
    Buckscoop cashback brings each box set down to about $47.40 - the next cheapest I can find is about 50 bucks Thanks Jayne
  • Brad
    Buy two and save an ]extra $7.50 off each.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Buy two and save an ]extra $7.50 off each.
    Thanks Braddo! I've linked your new voucher to my post :) Cheers mate!
  • nod
    With the discount of $15 you fork out $84.90 but then the cashback from Buckscoop brings the cost down to just over $80 so that makes them about $40 each!! oh and about 30 cents :)
  • admin EDITOR
    But unfortunately the discount has expired....... however I just had a troll around and if seinfeld floats your boat - this is still a very good price from dstore.

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