DSE 5.1 Channel DVD Player $19.00 at dick smiths instore

5 October 2008

If your looking for a cheap dvd player for bedroom or kids room etc

Found this in store this arvo in Freo so checked to see if i could find any details online

bought one to replace a bedroom one that died,

BTW plays all copy dvds and bali ones

Give lists of store that have them on DS website but we callred the freo one ( not on list) and they has 2 worth calling your local one if your looking to grab one


  • queenshrew
    That's a great price! :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Hot from me dustbunni - jeeze thats cheap.
  • golfwidow
    Great price! Thanks dustbunni for sharing :)
  • dustbunni
    Hiya Here is some other info that will help call any Dick Smiths or Tandys and ask if they have model code G1928 if they dont they can check computer and tell you what stores have stock avail friend went to local dick smiths and they didnt have any stock so they gave her a list of local shops with stock still avail and how many units they had in stock
  • kingyubbo
    Just be weary that these models do break down very easily and most of the ones you'll find are ex-repairs. These models are notorious for irregular disc reading patterns during the first 2-3 months. Still would make very cheap DVD players for the kids rooms or something.

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