Disney Pixar Ultimate Collection DVD - 15 dvds for $119 @ JB Hifi

14 November 2007

Note: This title has slipped under the radar, only just finding out about it today. Looks like a pretty good deal, divided by the 8 titles works out to be $14.87 each.

Most other outlets that have this listed are around $149, so it is pretty cheap.

$9.50 delivery if you can't make a JB-HIFI store.

Released 5 December 2007.

Titles Include;

Toy Story:
Woody (Tom Hanks), an old-fashioned cowboy doll, is Andy's favourite. But when Andy gets Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) for his birthday, the flashy new space hero takes the playroom by storm! Their rivalry leaves them lost with a toy's worst nightmare - Sid, the toy-torturing boy next door. Woody and Buzz must work together to escape, realising along the way that they've got a friend - in each other.

Toy Story 2:
While Andy is away at summer camp, Woody is toynapped by Al, a greedy collector who needs Andy's favourite toy to complete his Roundup Gang collection. Together with Jessie, Bullseye and the Prospector, Woody is on his way to a museum where he'll spend the rest of his life behind glass. It's up to Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm , Rex and Slinky Dog to rescue their friend and remind him what being a toy is all about.

Monsters, Inc.:
From the Academy Award®-winning creators of Toy Story, comes the #1 animated box office hit that captured the hearts of critics and fans around the world. Featuring revolutionary, eye-popping animation and the inspired vocal talents of John Goodman as the lumbering, loveable Sulley and Billy Crystal as wise-cracking Mike Wazowski, Monsters, Inc. is "visually dazzling, action-packed and hilarious" (Boston Herald).

A Bug's Life:
Journey inside the miniature world of bugs for larger-than-life fun and adventure under every leaf! Crawling with imaginative characters, hilarious laughs and colorful, lifelike computer animation, Disney and Pixar's A Bug's Life is terrific entertainment for all ages. On behalf of "oppressed bugs everywhere," an inventive ant named Flik hires "warrior bugs" to defend his colony from a horde of greedy grasshoppers, led by Hopper.

Finding Nemo:
From the Academy Award - winning creators of Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. It's Finding Nemo, a hilarious adventure where you'll meet colorful characters that take you into the breathtaking underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken to a dentist's office aquarium. It's up to Marlin (Albert Brooks), his worrisome father, and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a friendly but forgetful regal blue tang fish, to make the epic journey to bring Nemo home.

The Incredibles:
Ever wondered what happens to super heroes when they settle (or are even forced) into retirement? With so many around nowadays, some of them must have found it easier just to slip out of the picture and leave all the heroics to the new boys and girls on the block.

After taking moviegoers magically into the realm of toys, bugs, monsters, fish and superheroes, the masterful storytellers and technical wizards at Pixar Animation Studios and Academy Award-winning director, John Lasseter, hit the road with a fast paced comedy adventure set inside the world of cars.

Pixar - Short Films Collection Vol. 1:
Animated Shorts have always been an essential part of Pixars creative output, with the likes of Boundin and Jack-Jack Attack huge hits in their own right. Now, for the first time ever comes the chance to own thirteen of the best Pixar Shorts on one DVD, including Lifted, the unique and hilarious short from the latest Disney/Pixar cinema release, Ratatouille.


  • nod
    I just sorted the deal for your Kearnsy: listed with right merchant now added info to the title :)
  • Emma EDITOR
    That's a really nice set - I've seen and love most of those movies!

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