Disney Pixar's UP Dvd - $9 @ Coles (When You Spend $100+)

14 January 2010

Spend over $100 on the weekly shop @ Coles to grab UP on DVD for $9.

(If you don't need $100 worth of groceries, you could always ask a trustworthy person with a full trolley to get it for you!)

I haven't seen Up, but I hear it's a really great movie, for adults too!

As far as I'm aware there are no exclusions (eg tobacco, gift cards..) and you can get a rain check if there's none left.

The offer ends on the 20th.


  • melscott28
    My local woolworths has this deal too
  • Keeys
    I've not seen the whole movie in one go but dribs and drabs as you do as a mum. From what I've seen is very good.
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks for that info Mel, will be shopping tomorrow. Keeys I loved the movie, the little boy is so funny. :)
  • kazyazy
    I love the talking dog... squirrel :p
  • jdstacey
    An absolutely awesome movie. Ridiculously good, actually, for what might appear to be a kids movie. First 15 minutes are crazy good. Will definitely win this year's animation Oscar. At the Movies: Up 4.5/5 from both Margaret and David. and Up Movie Reviews, Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes Currently at 98% rating. Just got my blu-ray of this today, am looking forward to watching it again.
  • golfwidow
    Still havent seen this so looks like a good excuse to buy it. Target have it for $20 at the moment if no-one wants to shop. No idea if this is a good price or not just saw it in todays catalogue.
  • holdenmg
    Hi, Thanks for the Target mention on this. (You gotta love a talking dog). :+)
  • melscott28
    Hate to admit it but ive seen it about 30 or more thanks to a house of 3 kids. really Good the first couple of times. Oh and we have 2 copies of it.
  • holdenmg
    There is a “Buy Blu-Ray or DVD offer” on purchases 13/01/10 to 13/02/10 that enables you to claim by redemption a Bonus* Dug Plush Toy (*While stocks last) so find your receipt! (only 2000 available). http://i48.tinypic.com/2ymixhk.jpg (The address is Braeside, Vic, so I don’t know if this is Target or Regency Recordings address or not, it says “Participating Retailers” on the claim form). Also: http://www.disneydvd.com.au/comps/25words/index.cfm?CompID=5... http://i50.tinypic.com/m7iwn.jpg
  • golfwidow
    Here is the TARGET page that redemption link can be found ]TARGET - UP Movie Toy Redemption
  • alimac
    Picked this up at Coles this afternoon (last day of offer). Thanks for posting this :)

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