Dick Smith Tivo Reduced to clear @ $599

24 October 2009

Dick Smith are clearing out there Tivos, check the link to see what stores have stock. Tivo normally retails for $699


  • admin EDITOR
    Has this model been superceded or something ?
  • kelandmal
    At the idef show in Melbourne, this time last year, I purchased 2 Tivos with the wifi adapter for $700, which was a bargain. The show is coming up next weekend check out Digital Lifestyle Show 2009 - The Home Show of the Future or iDEF - International Digital Entertainment Festival 2009 for further info. We visited on the Sunday and the Tivo stand had the special, apparantly they didn't want to pack'em back to Sydney, so sold off cheap the later it got in the expo. Those able to go may be worth the wait, or of course a new model may be available. Kelandmal
  • wfdTamar
    My guess is a model with a bigger hard drive is coming.

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