Daily slam dunk @ OO.com Set of 2 Ceramic Table Lamps - Red $9.95

1 April 2008

Delivery is from $9 ouch! Or pick up instore Sydney

This pair of beautiful table lamps will enhance the look of any room. With a stunning European design that features a coloured ceramic base and faux suede lamp shade, they create a soothing light that creates an atmosphere of calm sophistication.


  • nod
    LOL Why is it a slam dunk? :D The symmetry of the piccie makes me laugh..... oo.... get it :w00t: But the colour..... pass for me :( .... but $20 for 2 lamps delivered is no bad at all :)
  • nod
    :D Just checked the delivery to WA and they want $25!!!! So a deal for NSW only maybe?? But certainly you need to consider your delivery fee :)
  • sandgroper
    Hardy folk live in WA, still using oil lamps Nod. Its a deal for the Sydney residents I think.
  • Keeys
    EKKKKKKK @ RED!!! Shame it doesn't come in other colours :(
  • nod
    hehehehehehehee fair enough Sandy :D LOL red Keeys?? I thought it was pink

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