Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones on clearance at $79.95

13 March 2013

These are a pretty old model and sort of missed the mark of their market which was for the traveller with lots of moolah to spend. The original list price of the Aurvana headphones was $400 or so. Creative had put their new X-Fi technology into them which to them justified the high price.

They're now clearing out the remaining stock and have these at $79.95. The reason I'm posting this is that while being clunky and large they reviewed very well on their sound quality which was compared to that of the Bose QuietComfort headphones. These still sell in the $400 range. Worth a look if your focussed on the sound and not whether you have the latest model.

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    Unfortunately I've not been able to get the 10% off coupon code for creative thats just been issued work on this as its a promo deal. Shipping is $19.50 which is a bit steep but its still overall - cheap.

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